Lee Biernbaum
for Town Meeting

About Me

I moved to Brookline following graduate school and made it my forever home. I've both rented and owned apartments and live car-free in a walkup rowhouse that cannot legally be built in Brookline anymore

I am the parent of two children at the Ruffin Ridley School and am a long-time Brookline election worker. My professional life focuses on transportation policy working in both the public and private sectors. My policy interests are the overlap of transportation, land use, and social justice. 

I am a co-founder and former Board Member of Brookline for Everyone.

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Why I'm Running

Brookline is an amazing place to live. Just a few steps outside of my apartment, I am surrounded by friendly neighbors, inviting shops, delicious restaurants, parks and playgrounds, wonderful schools, walkable streets, and public transit. 

Brookline has real challenges. We have a housing crisis. Our infrastructure needs repair and replacement. Climate change presents an alarming list of problems. Social and racial changes are rolling across the country, bitterly resisted by those made uncomfortable by realizations that the status quo did not work for everyone.

Brookline is an amazing place to live, but that does not allow us to rest on our laurels. We have hard work to do to maintain what is great about Brookline and to ensure it can become a better place for those it has not always been amazing.

I am running for Town Meeting because I want to do this hard work for Brookline. 

Selected Comments from Town Meeting

Comments in favor of neighbor notification and project updates on building construction.

Comments against adding more aesthetic "design review" to slow down building housing. 

Please excuse the interruption by Harold midway, an earlier speaker had shown a picture of his house as an example of the types of homes they did not approve of and he did not request his time to comment earlier.

Comments in favor of additional funding for sidewalk repair                                 

Requesting clarification on the lies presented by Town Meeting Members seeking to weaken the Commission on Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations as they sought to discredit the in-progress work to add dispute resolution powers to the Comission.